Saturday, February 26, 2011

Obligatory "I have a blog" post.

I have, in fact, completed the arguably most difficult portion of creating a blog.

That is to say, I came up with a name for it.


Now what?

I guess the next step is to move into a cabin with internet access (or at least a pigeon) and then start amassing weaponry, foodstuffs, and write a manifesto. That's how this works, right?

I'll get cracking on the manifesto while I check out real estate options. And possibly at some point, I will actually work on the idea of designing an attractive and clever layout that isn't defined by the handful of buttons Google was nice enough to provide me for making it not look like I am simply uploading text to a web server.

But for now, it's past my bedtime, and so I'm going to sleep.

Good night, O follower-free void.

P.S. Crap. Does this mean that when the four people [if you count my mother] want to read what I have to say, that they can just poke an RSS subscribe button, and I'm fed directly into their eyeballs? I apologize in advance. Oh, maybe you have to use the "follow" thing and I have to figure out how to make RSS work. I apologize for whenever I figure that out in advance, then.

P.P.S. To those of you who egged me on to dispense my ill-advised wisdom to the entire Internet, I look forward to horribly disappointing you with sparse, hastily-scrawled posts about jackals and how it feels to be a robot cleverly disguised as a human being.


  1. this should really be the Obligatory "Obligatory I have a blog" post. welcome.

  2. I dunno anything about this "follow" thing, but I plopped your URL into my googlereader, and it went ahead and got this post.